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    • HE An
    • Birthdate: 1971
      Birthplace: China |
      Gender: Male
      Lives and Works in: China | Beijing
      He An is one of the most representative artists born in 1970s in China. His practice covers installations, sculptures, photography and other mediums. Born in the era of China’s economics at its most expanding stage, He An’s works extensively reflect his expressions about the Chinese urbanization in both physical and emotional respect. Combining urban industrial material - advertising metal panel, concrete, neon light and stolen signs. He transforms these urban symbols into an artistic language. Throughout his practice of discovering truth about the urban feelings, He An always projects his passionate, sincere, romantic and even violent emotions onto them.

      His recent solo exhibitions include: Do You Think That You Can Help Her Brother?, Australian Center for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Australia, 2017; Armenia, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China, 2015; Tough Guy Don’t Dance, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2014; Wind Light as a Thief, Galerie Daniel Templon, Brussels, Belgium, 2014; I Am Curious Yellow I Am Curious Blue - He An Solo Exhibition, Tang Contemporary Art Beijing,Beijing, China, 2011; Wind Light As a Thief - He An Works Exhibition, Arrow Factory, Beijing, China, 2011; etc. He also participated in numerous group shows, such as Art Basel Unlimited, Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland, 2013; 2013 Carnegie International, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, U.S., 2013; Rendez-Vous 2008, Mac-Lyon, Lyon, France, 2008; The Real Thing: Contemporary Art from China, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, U.K., 2007, etc.
    • Biography
    • Solo Exhibitions


      “Birthmark”, HdM GALLERY, London, U.K.



      “Jade Branch”,Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China



      “Dark Purple”,Madein Gallery, Shanghai, China

      “Do You Think That You Can Help Her, Brother?”, Australia Centre for  Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Australia



      “Jade Branch” , HDM Gallery, Hangzhou, China

      “Armenia”, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China



      “Tough Guys Don’t Dance”, Madein Company, Shanghai, China

      “The Wind Light as a Thief”, Daniel Templon Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

      “It’s Forever Not”, Magician Space, Beijing, China 2012    

      “Who Is Now Alone Will Stay Alone Forever”, Top Contemporary Art Cen-ter, Shanghai, China



      “A Mole on Each Breast and Another on the Shoulder”, Magician Space, Beijing, China

      “He An Solo Show”, Daniel Templon Gallery, Paris, France

      “I Am Curious Yellow I Am Curious Blue”, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

      “The Wind Light as a Thief”, Arrow Factory, Beijing, China



      “I Believe Someone Will Take Me There, But That’s For Tomorrow”, Magi-cian Space, Beijing, China



       “What Makes Me Understand What I Know?”, Ullens Center for Contempo-rary Art (UCCA), Beijing, China



      “Cheap Way of Loving Souls”, Bizart Center, Shanghai, China



       “He An”, Chinese Arts Center, Manchester, U.K.



       “He An: Photography Exhibition”, Galerie Loft, Paris, France



      Group Exhibition



       “2019 Art Changsha”, Hunan Museum, Changsha, China

      “Advent: Inventing Landscape, Producing the Earth”, Qianshao Contempo-rary Center, Shanghai, China


      “Extreme Mix: Guangzhou Airport Biennale”, Guangzhou Airport Resort, Guangzhou, China




      “LOVE LONG- Robert Indiana& Asia Exhibition”, Asia Society Hong Kong Center, Hong Kong, China

      “Extending Space- 108 Dongguan Sculpture and Installation Art Festival”, Dongguan Art Center, Dongguan, China

      “New Expression of Beijing”, N3 Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

      “NOW”, Alternative Culture Making Shenzhen, Shenzhen, China



      “2017 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\ Architecture”, Nantou Old Town, Shenzhen, China

      “2017 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\ Architecture(Shenzhen Luohu Sub-Venue)”, Shenzhen Industrial Station, Shenzhen, China

      “Refocusing | Opening Exhibition of Fine Arts Literature Art Center’s New Space”, Literature Art Center, Wuhan, China

      “Detour In”, Times Museum, Guangzhou, China

      “Boundless Realities Multiples Nows- Contemporary Art From Hubei As A Sample”, Wanlin Art Museum, Wuhan, China

      “Compounds of Aura“, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

      “Urban Constellation”, K11 Art Mall, Wuhan, China

      “Resurrection Ⅱ: The Face of Phantom”, Surplus Space, Wuhan, China

      “EVER SINCE”, Cheng Project, Beijing, China  

      “Fantasy Curator”, K11 Foundation Shanghai, Shanghai, China



      “OVERPOP-New Art from Yuz Collection and beyond“,Yuz Museum West Bund, Shanghai, China

      “Information Sculpture Superhighway“,, Madein Gallery , Shanghai ,China

      “The Suggestive Wheel: An Era of Metaphors“, Boxes Art Space of OCT   Harbour, Shenzhen ,China

      “Community of Celibates“ Shanghai Gallery of Art ,Three on the Bund ,Shanghai , China

      “nán kàn——Inexplicit Ethics and De-ranking Perspective”, Surplus space, Wuhan, China

      “Linguistic Pavilion“, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai ,China



      “Land, Devil and Night” Art Program of Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, JNBY Concept Store, Beijing, China

      “Rims and Reasons”, Blackbridge OFF space, Beijing, China “Stereognosis Zone”, Redtory Museum of Contemporary Art(RMCA), Guangzhou, China

      “Concert of Form: Art without Text”, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

      “The Civil Power - Special Section”, Beijing Minsheng Art Museum, Bei-jing, China



       “Post Pop: East Meets West”, Saatchi Gallery, London, U.K.

      “The 2nd CAFAM Biennale - The Invisible Hand: Curating as Gesture”, CA-FA Art Museum, Beijing, China



      “Once”, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

      “Art Basel 2013 - Unlimited”, Basel, Switzerland

      “The Garden of Diversion”, Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing, China

      “2013 Carnegie International”, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, U.S.A



      “Pulse Reaction - An Exchange Project on Art Practice”, Guangdong Times Museum, Guangzhou, China

      “EDIT: Image Fetish and Phobia”, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai, China

      “The Theme Exhibition of the Fourth Guangzhou Triennial - The Unseen”, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China

      “COART Asian Youth Art Scene - 2012 Autumn”, Shuhe Ancient Town, Lijiang, China

      “Neon, Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow And Blue?”, La Maison Rouge, Paris, France

      “Neon”, MACRO Museum, Rome, Italy



       “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”, Leo Xu Projects, Shanghai, China

      “Gallery Hotel Art Project”, Gallery Hotel, Beijing, China

      “SH Contemporary 2011”, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China

      “Top Events 3rd Session - Poster Exhibition”, Top Contemporary Art Cen-ter, Shanghai, China

      “Remote Ten Years of White Rabbit Contemporary Chinese Art Collec-tion”, White Rabbit Museum, Sydney, Australia



       “Great Performance”, Pace Beijing, Beijing, China

      “Work in Spreading: Images of Circulation and Retranslation”, Iberia Centre for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

      “Erotic”, Hadrien de Montferrand Gallery, Beijing, China



      “Bourgeoisified Proletariat: Contemporary Art in Songjiang”, Songjiang Creative Studio, Shanghai, China



       “Homesickness - Memory and Virtual Reality”, T Space, Beijing, China

      “Off-Site Project”, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, U.K.

      “Rendez-Vous 2008”, Mac-Lyon, Lyon, France



       “Art in Motion: Chinese Contemporary Art Meets The BMW Art Cars”, Long March Space, Beijing, China

      “The Real Thing: Contemporary Art from China”, Tate Liverpool, Liver-pool, U.K.

      “NONO: Self-Curated Exhibition of Latest Artworks by 11 Individual Art-ists”, Long March Project, Beijing, China



      “Paining for Joy”, Beijing Tokyo Art Projects, Beijing, China

      “Solo Exhibition”, 2577 Creative Garden, Shanghai, China

      “Art Game: An Experience of Agency in Contemporary Art”, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

      “City in Progress: Live from Zhangjiang”, Zhangjiang Development Zone, Shanghai, China

      “It’s All Right: Contemporary Art Exhibition”, Hu Qing Yu Tang Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hangzhou, China



      “Something is Happening”, Liu Lang Wen Ying Park, Hangzhou, China

      “Interval”, Hi-Shanghai Creation Loft, Shanghai, China

      “True to Life”, Taikang Top Space, Beijing, China

      “The Other Shore of This Shore: The 5th Pingyao International Photog-raphy Festival”, Shanxi, China



      “The Exhibition of Young Artists”, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China “Dial 62761232 (Express Delivery Exhibition): Contemporary Art Exhibi-tion”, Bizart Center, Shanghai, China

      “China, The Body Everywhere?”, Marseille Museum of Contemporary Art, France



       “Ctrl + Z”, Taikang Top Space, Beijing, China

      “Distance: The Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art”, Guangdong Mu-seum of Art, Guangzhou, China



      “Run, Jump, Crawl, Walk”, The East Modern Art Centre, Beijing, China

      “Chinese Contemporary Arts”, St. Paul, Brazil “Paris-Beijing: Pieces from the Ullens Collection”, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France

      “Contesting Meaning in Public Space: Labor Community and Public Art”, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan



       “Next Generation“, Galerie Loft, Paris, France “In Contradiciton”, Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland

      “Disorientation: Photography and Video in China Today”, Chambers Fine Art, New York, U.S.A.

      “Visibility”, China Art Archives & Warehouse, Beijing, China

      “Weightlessness”, Volker Diehl Gallery, Berlin, Germany



      “Documentary Exhibition of Chinese Avant-Garde Art in the 1990s”, Fu-kuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan

      “Lovely”, Modern Museum, Beijing, China

      “The 3rd Annual Sculpture Exhibition”, He Xiangning Museum, Shenzhen, China

      “Fuck Off”, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, China




    • Exhibitions
      • 2021 DnA SHENZHEN
        Sep 30, 2021 - Oct 4, 2021
        Artists: CAI Jian, DING Li, GE Hui, HE An, LU Pingyuan, SHANG Liang, SONG Kun, WANG Ziquan, XU ZHEN®
        • Art Fair
      • Dark Purple
        Mar 19, 2017 - Apr 30, 2017
        Opening: Mar 18, 2017 16:00 Saturday
        Artist: HE An
        • Solo Exhibition
      • Information Sculpture Superhighway
        Sep 8, 2016 - Oct 23, 2016
        Artists: DING Li, FENG Mengbo, HE An, LIU Chengrui, LU Pingyuan, MIAO Ying, SHEN Xin, UMA , WANG Newone, WANG Sishun, XU ZHEN®, YANG Zhenzhong, YU Ji, ZHAO Yao, ZHENG Guogu
        • Group Exhibition
      • MadeIn Gallery Songjiang Opening Exhibition
        Nov 18, 2015 - Dec 29, 2015
        Artists: DING Li, HE An, LU Pingyuan, SHI Yong, UMA , WANG Sishun, XU ZHEN®, ZHOU Zixi
        • Group Exhibition
      • ART021 2015
        Nov 19, 2015 - Nov 22, 2015
        Artists: DING Li, HE An, SHI Yong, UMA , XIA Yunfei, XU ZHEN®
        • Art Fair
      • He An Tough Guys Don't Dance
        Nov 12, 2014 - Dec 28, 2014
        Opening: Nov 11, 2014 15:00 Tuesday
        Artist: HE An
        • Solo Exhibition
      • Shanghai Art Fair 2014
        Nov 13, 2014 - Nov 16, 2014
        Artists: DING Li, HE An, LU Pingyuan, XU ZHEN®
        • Art Fair
      • Armory show 2014
        Mar 6, 2014 - Mar 9, 2014
        Artists: HE An, LU Pingyuan, XU ZHEN®
        • Art Fair
    • Artworks
      • I See It and I Prove It

        Installation | Neon light, resin | D. 150 cm | 2020

      • Wanna Kill Them?

        Painting, Other | Pencil on carton | 120 × 204 cm | 2016

      • The Black Mamba

        Painting, Other | Pencil on carton | 113 × 243 cm | 2016

      • Gift 2

        Sculpture | Iron, resin | 12.5 x 153 x 22 cm, 12 x 290 x 11 cm | 2017

      • Black Mamba

        Installation | Aluminum alloy, paint | 44 × 89 × 12 cm | 2017