Wang Sishun Truth

Sep 27, 2014 - Oct 31, 2014 Solo Exhibition

Opening: Sep 26, 2014 15:00 Friday
Artists: WANG Sishun
“A flame is ignited from a fire disaster, a specialist cultivates the fire eternally and prevent it from being extinguished.”

MadeIn Company is proud to present the opening of “Truth” a solo exhibition by Wang Sishun.

Truth curated by MadeIn Gallery, pursues the reflection of Wang Sishun on time, space and humankind desire. The flame born from a disaster conveys all the tragedies it may relate to: wildness, evilness, invasiveness and destruction, filled with strong desire and vitality.

Although the physical form of the flame nurtured in the artist’s studio seems as delicate as a living soul, it may rapidly grow and spread beyond control, leading to unforeseeable consequences, as any danger or evilness on earth. As such, Wang Sishun will bring this flame along in a journey full of uncertainties, “burning” unknown objects, a house, a mountain or a landscape. Within such an unpredictable context visitors will live an unprecedented experience.

Wang Sishun is one of the leading contemporary young artists in China, his practice includes sculpture, installation, video and other media. His works convey a particular reading to material and spaces, always challenging and experimenting new possibilities.

Spirit, desire, time and space are recurrent topics in Wang Sishun’s works. In his works spatial distance and time are interchanged, creating a temporal vector. Top of Dopamine (2010) reflects the symbolic distance between dream and reality, while Revenge of the Arrow of Time II (2013) presents the impassable eternal distance within interfacial time, the artist’s solo exhibition Liminal Space (2012) showed the relation and distance in the inner structure of each work. This time, Truth, will explore new challenges.