He An Tough Guys Don't Dance

Nov 12, 2014 - Dec 28, 2014 Solo Exhibition

Opening: Nov 11, 2014 15:00 Tuesday
Artists: HE An
On the 11th of November, MadeIn Gallery will present Tough Guys Don't Dance a solo exhibition by HE An. On this occasion, the artist will create a new series of installations.

HE An is one of the most representatives artists of his generation, his practice covers installation, sculpture, photograph and other media. With the Chinese economic expansion as a background, HE An's works reflect the phenomena of Chinese urbanization and its psychological or emotional repercussions. Combining light boxes, billboards, neon lights and other materials, HE An turns urban symbols into a language. In his search for the city's emotional truth, the artist creates various set-ups with architectural elements, inviting viewers to experiment a space affected by violent, romantic, intimate, almost obsessional thoughts.

This exhibition in MadeIn Gallery Tough Guys Don't Dance constitutes a new emotional projection. The title Tough Guys Don't Dance comes from a novel by the American author Normal Mailer. HE An borrowed the contradictory powerlessness highlighted in this story. A scene where an old man kills a prostitute on a beach, brought several thoughts to the artist: "memory is multilayered, fragments that have been repeatedly held back. How many memories can make people think that they weren't growing in an illusion. Each time I grit my teeth, I can clearly remember the feeling of concussion when the car accident occurred. It wasn't a blasting sound but more like a thump. The body is like a deflating balloon: in fact, attempting to change every negative attitude into a pop feeling, might be a beneficial difficulty."

Tough Guys Don't Dance will present new creations by HE An. Aside from this exhibition in MadeIn Gallery, a selection of artworks will be displayed in the Art021 Art Fair in Shanghai.