Chen Ying: Traceable & Issy Wood: Can't Have Nice Things Chen Ying Issy Wood

2018.07.06 to 2018.08.25

Chen Ying: Traceable

Issy Wood: Can't Have Nice Things


MadeIn Gallery & Carlos/Ishikawa

July 7 – August 26, 2018

Artists:  Chen Ying,  Issy Wood


MadeIn Gallery is pleased to announce its participation to Condo in Shanghai, opening on July 7, 2018. On this occasion, the gallery in West Bund will share its space with London gallery Carlos/Ishikawa. Both galleries will respectively present the latest creations by Chen Ying, working and living in Beijing, and London-based artist Issy Wood.


The word Condo, derived from "condominium" consists of a large-scale cooperative exhibition project involving various galleries around the world. Through this project hosting and collaborating galleries have the opportunity to share their space, or jointly curate exhibitions, or again divide the gallery space to simultaneously showcase different exhibitions. Condo calls for art institutions to reassess existing exhibition models, gathers resources and acts to provide an environment conducive to the organization of experimental exhibitions.


For Condo, Chen Ying will bring a selection of six new paintings. After the success of his first solo exhibition in MadeIn Gallery in September last year, Chen Ying began to seek for an "unfamiliar" creative state. Avoiding subject dependence and discarding old painting habits, Chen began to deal with unconventional “fresh” objects. Through these new works one can feel the challenges and surprises brought by these transformations. Simultaneously, as Chen decided not to proceed with certain creative methods, he however pursues certain of his unique techniques, using computer software to reconstruct scenes from daily visual experiences in relation with image layers. The winding lines and wavy stripes - these visual elements with momentum – form a transient profile of his painting experiments.


A recent graduate of the Royal Academy of Arts in London, Issy Wood shares Chen’s interest in exploring the dividing line between the worlds of objects and ideas, similarly employing digital technology in her painting process. While Chen utilizes photoshop in his image-making, Wood turns her mobile phone into a relay station for the image, enabling the transition between the physical and virtual worlds. The lusterless objects of luxury in her work, be that jewelry, apparel or decorative statuettes, speak of the artist’s melancholic reflections on the consumerist society. This sense of nostalgia deceptively endows this young artist’s paintings with the visual qualities typically found in 20th century art.


Chen and Wood, two artists with different backgrounds, from different generations and regions, all use painting as their main creative medium. Within this process of repeatedly being declared dead while returning to the field again and again, paintings still carry the dizzy halo that cannot be dimmed. This artistic collective project, will faithfully reproduces the creativity of these two artists.


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