Unexpected Discovery Lu Pingyuan

2015.03.19 to 2015.05.15

MadeIn Gallery

Unexpected Discovery present Lu’s newest stories and his unexpected discoveries from years of “fascinating facts” brought out from the shadows.

Lu Pingyuan was born in Jinhua, Zhejiang province. His father practices medicine, and has worked for years in a hospital. Since his childhood, Lu Pingyuan had a passion for art. As he started to work in the contemporary art field, his creations always focused on the nature of art and its history. Until one day, he noticed his father changed: although he had a placid and rational temperament, he started to recount various incomprehensible phenomena, even science couldn’t explain, he had been facing during his career. These surrealistic facts and stories caught Lu Pingyuan’s attention and stimulated his curiosity for enigmas, leading to the writing of these art-related stories.


Lu Pingyuan: True Stories, Ella Liao, Lu Pingyuan, Unexpected Discovery, 2015.04.17
Lu Pingyuan, Unexpected Discovery, Zhan Han Lu 张涵露, Lu Pingyuan, Unexpected Discovery, 2015.04.11