Tough Guys Don't Dance He An

2014.11.10 to 2014.12.27

MadeIn Gallery, Blg 7 4F 50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai

Tough Guys Don’t Dance constitutes a new emotional projection. The title Tough Guys Don’t Dance comes from a novel by the American author Normal Mailer. HE An borrowed the contradictory powerlessness highlighted in this story. A scene where an old man kills a prostitute on a beach, brought several thoughts to the artist: “memory is multilayered, fragments that have been repeatedly held back. How many memories can make people think that they weren’t growing in an illusion. Each time I grit my teeth, I can clearly remember the feeling of concussion when the car accident occurred. It wasn’t a blasting sound but more like a thump. The body is like a deflating balloon: in fact, attempting to change every negative attitude into a pop feeling, might be a beneficial difficulty.”