Not Impulsive Enough Is Devil Ding Li UMA Xia Yunfei

2015.10.16 to 2015.11.10

MadeIn Gallery is glad to announce Not Impulsive Enough Is Devil, opening on October 17, 2015, curated by Lu Mingjun, with Ding Li, Uma and Xia Yunfei : three artists with distinct creating background and opposite language.

Ding Li, who studied in France, has always focused on visual structures in painting and narrative situations, his montage evasive, surreal and absurd presents a disturbing anxiety.

The works of Xia Yunfei, born in the 80s, stand between painting and installation: through their subjective balance and unconscious coherence, they constitute a free conversion from unrestricted brushstrokes to static substance. The work maintains the purity of paint as a medium.

The core work of Uma originally belongs to the field of dance and choreography, however for a few years she composes visual relations with painting, installation, video and other media, and establishes a spatial (dis-) order, filled with rhythmical image, movement and void.

Not Impulsive Enough Is Devil is an exhibition on art attitudes adopted by young people. Perhaps within the steadiness of daily life, we further seek for a certain energy, the roar of art in action. We aspire to thirsty imagination that reveals the other side of reality: dynamic or static, rising or falling, the impulsive attitude lies at the border of effrontery.

In October, these three artists invite you to join their bright or dark domain of their imagination, in MadeIn Gallery.