FIAC OFFICIELLE 2015 Art Fair Lu Pingyuan

2015.10.20 to 2015.10.24

MadeIn Gallery Booth B17
Les Docks, Cite de la Mode et du Design, Paris
October 21-25

For FIAC OFFICIELLE 2015, MadeIn Gallery proposes a solo presentation of a young emerging artist Lu Pingyuan. Born in 1984 in Zhejiang province, living and working in Shanghai, Lu Pingyuan expresses his thoughts and art concepts through installations, paintings and stories he creates - a practice of his own, rare in the art world. Within the context of the art fair, an installation made of doors brought from various places in China will be shown, together with written stories and with On Kawara series of paintings. This presentation will emphasize the artist’s own experiences and values. It will also show how the perception of reality happens to be at the core of his questioning on art, life and death.

Lu Pingyuan draws inspiration from his personal life and the enriching contacts he gets with people in the art world. For a few years already, Lu Pingyuan has been collecting and editing various inexplicable and extraordinary stories from art-related topics. His stories - often enigmatic, wondrous, and eventually frightening are narrated in recordings and writings. Most of the time, the story itself is like a moving picture or a mysterious arrangement. However, Lu Pingyuan did not preset an “obligatory” way of reading; he passed along the right of reading, listening, viewing or experiencing to the curator and the audience.

Using locked doors as a visual motif displayed in the walls of the exhibition space, Lu Pingyuan’s Don’t Open It series invites us to have a new look on the surrounding space and symbolically calls into question the perceptible world and the relation between virtual and reality.

As for the above-mentioned artworks, the On Kawara paintings result from an unpredictable encounter. Soon after the death of On Kawara, Lu Pingyuan was visited in a dream by the artist to be chosen as a new recruit to pursue his so-called “Today” series. Through this new series of artworks, Lu Pingyuan subtly plays with our sense of observation and beliefs while tackling issues of role of the artist and of the authorship in the art world.

Through this solo presentation, the visitors can experience Lu Pingyuan own universe. Combining art references from Duchamp to post-minimalist artists with various influences such as quantum mechanics and popular tales, this exhibition will bring out questions about the intangible, ephemeral time, in contrast with eternal matter.