MadeIn Gallery Songjiang Opening Exhibition Ding Li He An Lu Pingyuan UMA Wang Sishun XU ZHEN®

2015.11.17 to 2015.12.29

MadeIn Gallery Songjiang
Bldg 12, 1F  Shenzhuan Hwy 5555, Songjiang District, Shanghai,  201619

On the occasion of PIMO Contemporary Art Festival, MadeIn Gallery opens a new exhibition space in Songjiang. This group presentation brings out the richness and the diversity of China’s vibrant art scene by giving access to artworks of established artists but also to younger and lesser-known talents. On display are the latest works of Ding Li, He An, Lu Pingyuan, Shi Yong, UMA, Wang Sishun, Xu Zhen and Zhou Zixi. This exhibition will emphasize the artists’ own experiences and values. It will also show they explore their versatility, revisiting mediums and techniques to always push further the boundaries of creativity.

In his new series of works made of various construction materials, Shi Yong hides a secret text that no one else would ever possess – even after purchasing the artwork – and thereby tackles issues of the materiality and the soul. Also working with urban materials, He An uses neon light-box characters, gathered from the signage of fast-growing cities in China, to create codified words and constitute autobiographical installations. Lu Pingyuan expresses his thoughts and art concepts through stories he creates - a practice of his own, rare in the art world. While Zhou Zixi creates paintings that are developed around metaphorical symbols on history, Ding Li and UMA explore the link between medium, gesture and mind to give birth to expressionist abstract paintings. Surveying art ancient and new, Xu Zhen marshals Chinese and Western cultures and fuses the quintessence of both.