ART BUSAN 2016, Korea Lu Pingyuan Xu Dawei XU ZHEN®

2016.05.19 to 2016.05.22

BEXCO Exhibition Center, Busan, Korea
MadeIn Gallery, Booth CP-06

International art fair “Art Busan 2016” will start from May 20th, exhibiting more than 200 galleries from various countries. It includes “Art Accent”, “Archive Exhibition of Busan Biennale”, “Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition” and special program as the 130th anniversary of the diplomatic relation between Korea and France.

“Art Accent” introduces the Busan-based artists. This year, reflecting the dynamic and various features of local art, it invited talented artists who concentrate in their own world of art rather than focusing in art markets. And the exhibition will experiment structural attempts in the exhibition display.

“Reinterpretation of visibility” is a special exhibition which presents the 130th anniversary. The exhibition hosts French contemporary artists and provides Busan citizens with an opportunity to learn French art and its future direction by introducing paintings and sculptures by promising artists including Michel Duport, Daniel Firman, Jean-Marie Haessle, Timothee Talard and others.