Lehrstück – A Prototype Shen Xin

Shen Xin

Lehrstück - A Prototype


Virtual Reality, live feeds

Dimensions variable


The virtual reality acts as a prototype, which simulates the process of representational photo taking while traveling in a provisional landscape of the plateau. The grassland and the mountain along with various human and non-human characters are constructed through photomontage. The source of the photomontage consists of pictures taken by Shen Daohong (the artist’s father), some of which were revealed in the interviews of the father’s archive in the film Counting Blessings. The individual viewer of the project would experience traveling inside a vehicle at a pre-determined speed, and will be able to take pictures of subjects according to three different instructions—love, danger, and comfort. The pictures will, in real time, feed into – twitter.com/lehrstuck