Xu Zhen Store XU ZHEN®

2016.11.05 to 2016.12.30

No. 106, 2879 Longteng Avenue (near Fenggu Rd), Xuhui District 200232, Shanghai

Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 11-19 (closed on Mondays)

“Xu Zhen Store” is the world's first, one-of-a-kind artwork store. It differs from museums, galleries or other art institutions in a new cultural form. The store will redefine the cultural needs in the global internet age, where “sharing” provides a starting point for “owning”. From then on, the public has in its hands the power to use art, and we now enter an era where “artwork becomes a necessity”.  

Operated by MadeIn Company, Xu Zhen artwork retail store will offer customers the chance to discover and purchase artworks, including new series of sculptures, installations, but also limited editions, clothes, unique carpets, furniture and more conceived by the brand Xu Zhen.