Shoulders of Giants Shen Xin


Shoulders of Giants


Four-channel video installation


Shoulders of Giants appropriates and extends the model of a symposium through animation, performance and projection. The invited speakers animated creatures derived from Shan Hai Jing (Also known as The Classics of Mountains and Seas, C4th BC) as they speak, discuss and conduct Q&A. The event was held at Senate House, London on 29 July 2015. Shoulders of Giants seeks to investigate the strategies that artists, theorists and critics employ to deal with mechanisms of power – such as oppression and censorship, surveillance and punishment, unemployment and estranged labour – that are inherent in daily politics; to highlight the many desires that are afloat where power multiplies, unfolds, fluctuates, and diminishes; to render visible the physical and psychological affects that they have. Invited speakers includes Esther Leslie, Simon O’Sullivan, Hannah Black and Mark Fisher.