MadeIn Gallery presents Lu Pingyuan in Art Basel Hong Kong 2018 Lu Pingyuan

2018.03.25 to 2018.03.30

On the occasion of the 2018 edition of Art Basel Hong Kong, MadeIn Gallery is pleased to present Lu Pingyuan’s solo project at “Discovery” section: 

“Look! I’m Picasso!”

“Look! I’m Picasso!” is inspired by the first feature-length computer-animated film produced by Pixar in 1995, “Toy Story”. A scene in the film presents the toy Mr. Potato Head with his eyes, nose and mouth on the side claiming: “Look! I’m Picasso”. The artist conceived a series of cubist paintings and sculptures in the style of Picasso and incorporated elements inspired from the facial props of Mr. Potato Head.

A selection of paintings from this series were for the first time unveiled in Lu Pingyuan's exhibition "HOME ALONe" held in 2017 in MadeIn Gallery.  Always standing on the border between fiction and reality, the works created by Lu manifest a unique status and position that break with conventions. This combination between these two forms alludes to a certain merging between social classes, popular culture and elitist culture.