Lu Pingyuan
Van Gogh Ltd.
Dimensions : 尺寸可变
Materials : Text
Year : 2016

Van Gogh’s other ear was discovered by scientists. A technology company acquired the ear, and opened a factory called “Van Gogh Ltd” which extracted the DNA from Van Gogh’s ear to make countless Van Gogh clones. The Van Gogh clones became the factory’s main “workers.” From the time they were small each clone was forced to train in how to paint “Van Gogh”-style copies of Starry Night’, Sunflowers, The Night Cafe in the Place Lamartine in Arles, and other famous works. The gifted “Van Gogh’s” were held in captivity by the factory and raised to mass-produce these masterpieces; the ones without talent were gathered together and pushed into a big furnace, to be burned down into a special kind of yellow pigment that was used as raw material for the ongoing painting process.