Lu Pingyuan
Unconcealable Beauty
Dimensions : 150 x 130 cm
Materials : Silicon, text, stainless steel
Year : 2017

A mortuary was once sent the unidentified corpse of a beautiful woman. Though dead, she retained the shining beauty of when she had been alive. The strange thing was that, after she was cremated, her ashes mysteriously went missing.

In time, a new beauty product—a foundation powder with phenomenal results—came onto the market. Those who used it were praised for having white jade skin and looking miraculously younger.

After undergoing inspection and testing, it was found that this foundation actually had human ashes mixed into it. Once news of this spread, everyone who had been using the foundation was completely mortified. Furious beyond belief, people wiped the foundation from their faces. And yet, when the foundation was removed, they discovered that livor mortis—the lesions that appear on a body just before death—had begun to grow on their faces. No other foundation was able to cover it up. They had no choice but to continue using the beautiful dead woman foundation.