So In Love, Will Never Feel Tired Again
Duration : 03 min. 33 sec.
Materials : Video
Year : 2014

So in love, will never feel tired again is a reference to a Chinese internet meme that became viral on a social media site after a boy born in the 90’s first posted, ”so tired, will never love again”/累觉不爱 . The phrase truly represents modern Chinese people’s common feelings, as mirrored by the SMART subculture, about urban sorrows in a humorous, self-deprecating kind of way. In this piece, the video recording is of a random Netizen’s DIY animation called “i feel bored and made this animation out of this cat emoji, after i made this i feel so tired, will never love again” and is a remix of the original meme: Just when you think you are too tired, you are so in love. The 3D gif words in the background and foreground are made by the artist herself as commentary to celebrate this kind of internet ecstasy. This final pieces uses both YouTube and Youkou.com embedded videos, side by side.