Lu Pingyuan
On Kawara, Today Series, 6NOV.2014
Dimensions : 25.4 x 33.02 cm
Materials : Acrylic on canvas
Year : 2014

On Kawara, artist (b.1933 ( to be confirmed ) – 2014) was born in Japan, but based in New York in the United States since 1965. On Kawara’s works are conceptual, where he uses his own life and existence as the content of his art. Eliminating all information down to time as the basic unit, erasing emotions and the “I” in his works. His most famous series includes such as Today, I Read, I Met and I Went.

One night in 2014, Lu Pingyuan in his dream felt a strong light, in the light a shadow standing. This shadow started to communicate with him saying he was On Kawara, and during this short “encounter” Lu Pingyuan promised On Kawara to continue with his Today Series, which he has done ever since.