Passion (10.80 kg)
Dimensions : 200 x 130 cm
Materials : Oil on canvas
Year : 2023

“Passion”, a series of paintings in a seemingly abstract expressionist style, is both a derivative of smart social media and a representation of daily life experience on the Internet. The works are based on a great invention — screen capture on mobile phones. The abstract-expressionist free writing vividly pours various kinds of emotion commonly seen in chatrooms onto the picture. This series is not only an intense reaction to the mental state on social media, but also its release and reconciliation. Emotional and informational exchange, as well as the tempo of thinking and the density of expression, become the primary relationships in motion on the canvas and exert a direct influence on pictorial language and visual expression in the paintings. Through such an integration of painting and screen, virtuality and reality, as seen ubiquitously in contemporary society, XU ZHEN® expands and strengthens his visual language. The artist pushes this relationship to the extreme, guiding us to reflect on the tool logic and ethics of the social media era.