Lu Pingyuan
Best of the Best Draw-The Black Emerald Beast
Dimensions : 100 x 100 cm
Materials : Acid-free watercolour paper, Shanghai waxed paper, tinted cardboard, tinted sorbet paper, acrylic, watercolour, acid-free glue
Year : 2024

Lu Pingyuan views artificial intelligence as a new “belief system”, constantly posing questions to it, as a “god”, in search of more ideal answers about faith. He shares with AI the stories he has written as well as traditional mythological tales, prompting AI to generate a series of new mythological figures. Lu employs the Chinese traditional papercutting techniques used for summoning deities and crafts these figures out of paper. He sees his role of a creator as an “intermediary” receiving messages from “deities”, bridging the ancient mythological world with the unknown realm of gods as described by artificial intelligence. The artist thus links humanity’s beliefs from the past with those from the future.