Under Heaven – 2026GN2211
Dimensions : 90 x 140 cm
Materials : Oil on canvas
Year : 2022

Since the launch of the “Under Heaven” series in 2011, it has become one of XU ZHEN®’s most recognizable and most popular series among collectors and institutions.

With oil paint filled in the cream piping bag and following the cream cake mounting procedure, Under Heaven series has not only retained the creamy and sweetness of real cream, but its dense visual appeal and exaggerated dimension also present an illusion. Under the all-encompassing title, Under Heaven projects a carnival influenced by the global trend of hedonism. Between the dazzling, mouth-watering and densely piled together cream flowers, Under Heaven reveals a subtle compositional relationship between materials and form, where layers and spaces are skillfully integrated into thoughts on painting and action. The cream under heaven, or a creamy world, faithfully names an exciting, maddening and sensual reality with optimism.