Maggie Menghan Chen (b. 1998, Beijing, lives and works in London) explores the growth and metamorphosis of life in her sculpture works. Sampling from flora and fauna, Chen creates surreal hybrids signifying transmutations of life energy, reflecting the sublime. Recreating upon nature, she hopes to capture the underlying wisdom of the earth, unconcerned of the rational human mind. Chen also sees her work as metaphors for the human psyche. The ferocity of beasts and delicacy of flowers represent the struggle between aggression and sensitivity in the mind.

Her recent solo exhibitions and projects include: “Unearthed”, Danuser & Ramírez, London, 2022; “Metaforce Against Cowardice”, Plate Space, Beijing, 2019; Group exhibitions include: “Second River”, Five Years, London, 2023; “First Edition”, Collective Ending, London, 2023; “Moonlit Beings”, Soka Art, Beijing, 2023; “Forgetmenots”, the Split Gallery, London, 2023; “LUCKY NUMBER 8”, The Bomb Factory Art Foundation, London. 2023; “Outlanders: Dreams of A New Moon”, Christie’s, London, 2023; “THE BODY OF NON-BODY”, BROWNIE Project, Shanghai. 2022; “Volatile Milieu: Collective Healing”, Crypt Gallery, London, 2022; “Back to Life”, St. Saviour’s Church, London, 2022; “Traces”, group show, Cook House, London, 2021; “Spoiler (Purpose)”, PADA Studios, Lisbon, 2021; “When Mythology Jumps into Economy: a Big Splash of Ecology”, postpost, Beijing, 2020.