Ge Hui (b. Jiangsu, China, 1983) currently lives and works in Shanghai. Focusing on the study of body and shape, he treats the images of human body, animals and plants as independent formal elements, which, when disassembled, rearranged, and recomposed, present a supernatural landscape. Through the constant shift and movement of perspective and focus, Ge constructs independent parts into an organic structure full of tension and establishes a new order through the anti-experience reading of pictures.

Ge Hui’s recent solo exhibitions include: “Ripple”, Platform China, Beijing, 2022; “Paradise of Desire”, Platform China, Beijing, 2018; “Smooth Like a Poem”, LMT Space, Shanghai, 2016; “Shy, Too Shy”, Space (E) of China, Shanghai, 2015; “Now Wait”, Thousand Xi gallery, Wuhan, 2014; “Little Shyness Shortcomings”, Art Experience Gallery, Hong Kong, 2014; “The Energy to Continue Migration”, Paris City Hall, Paris, 2012; “Dreamland”, Art Experience Gallery, Hong Kong, 2012; “Go To”, Shanghai Zen Da museum of art, Shanghai, 2011; “Warm Back”, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, 2011; “Possibility of Apparent Empathy – Open Space”, Horizon Art Space, Shanghai, 2010.