Slime Engine, founded in 2017, is operated and curated by Li Hanwei, Liu Shuzhen, Fang Yang, and Shan Liang. Slime Engine is an online platform organization that utilizes the virtual world which is not limited by time and space, to develop unprecedented forms of art, exhibition and experience. Slime Engine excels at integrating art, as well as interspersing and placing art in everyday experience. Their practice is based on parody and reconstruction of the existing reality, creating a new reality with an integrated collage aesthetics, as a way to provide critical response to the structure and order of the current world.

Since 2017, Slime Engine has organized online exhibitions, including: “Ocean 2.0”, 2021; “Ding Li x Slime Engine”, 2020; “Headlines”, 2020; “Territory”, 2020; “Ocean”, 2019; “Bysanz x 33EMYBW x Fang Yang Three-Person Project”, 2018; “Li Jingxiong & ChillChill Double Solo Show”, 2018; “Remote Sensing”, 2018; “Jurassic”, 2018; “Hole”, 2018; “Your World”, 2018; “James Turrell’s Meditation Space”, 2018; “Nostromo Landing”, 2017; “Space Station”, 2017; “Baychimo”, 2017; “Nuclear Magnetic Resonance”, 2017.

Slime Engine has also participated in numerous exhibitions as an artist collective, including: RISING Festival, Melbourne, Australia, 2022; “The 1st TAG-New Contemporary ART Exhibition”, TAG Museum, Qingdao, 2022; “BOOMER-OCAT Biennale 2021”, OCAT Shenzhen, Shenzhen, 2021; “Breaking the Waves”, K11 Shanghai, Shanghai, 2021; “Hol!day”, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, 2021; “Shanghai Plaza”, Shanghai Plaza, Shanghai, 2020; “Wild Cinema”, TX Huaihai, Shanghai, 2020; “We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces”, Chronus Art Center (CAC), 2020; “Coordinates: Theatre”, Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture, Shenzhen, 2019; “The Process of Art: TOOLS AT WORK”, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, 2019; “Advent: Inventing Landscape, Producing the Earth”, Qianshao Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai, 2019; “Copernicus”, E.M.Bannister Gallery of Rhode Island College, U.S., 2019; “Extreme Mix”, Guangzhou Airport Biennale, Guangzhou, 2019; “Infinite Games”, How Art Museum, Wenzhou, 2019; “Ocean”, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, 2019.