Wang Ye (b.1991, Changsha, China) graduated from the Sculpture Department of Yale University School of Art with a Masters of Fine Arts in 2017, from the Design Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor’s degree in 2013. Wang Ye works in multi-media projects that combine video, sculpture, handicraft, and installation. The artist learned traditional fishing net knitting from his hometown and is currently studying the Hunan Embroidery technique. He draws inspirations from folk art as cultural heritage often reveals how aesthetic and value form and evolve.

His recent exhibitions include: “Ode to the Unexpected”, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, 2024; “The Enchanting Whirl of Love”, Cloud Art Museum, Huizhou, 2023; “Home is Where the Haunt is”, X Museum Triennial 2023, X Museum, Beijing, 2023; “To Your Eternity” – the 4th “Future of Today” Biennial, Today Art Museum, Beijing, 2023; “YY OS Gold Canopy”, Yve YANG, New York,  NY, 2022; “Everyday is a New Day”, POP-UP Gallery at OoEli, Hangzhou, 2021; “Fusion”, World Wide Fund for Nature, West Bund Art Center, Shanghai, 2019; Xian Chang, West Bund Art Center, Shanghai, 2019, Dream Video, West Bund Art Center, Shanghai, 2019; Dream Video 100, Dream Center West Bund, Shanghai, 2018; “Americans 2017” by 89 Plus, LUMA Westbau, Zurich, 2017.