Zhong Wei, born in Beijing, China in 1987, currently works and lives in Beijing. Zhong’s practice takes form in immersive installations and paintings that speak to China’s vibrant but chaotic Internet-based visual language. Having compiled a massive database of memes and imagery found online, Zhong uses these ubiquitous images as raw materials for his works. After arranging these materials in countless arrays and variations using computer, the artist builds digital sketches before painting them on canvas. Zhong responds through appropriation to the Internet popular culture, collective psychology, and social phenomena. Data and composite images removed from their context are intertwined on the canvas, presenting the virtual world unique ecosystem and visual experience.

Zhong Wei held a solo exhibition “易变░耦态 :NeメT Levé し” at de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong in 2019, and participated to the group show “Contemporary Showing Off” at de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong in 2020. Zhong Wei will also present a new installation project at PLATE Space in Beijing in 2020. His works are included in permanent collections among which: JP Morgan Chase Art Collection.