Wang Jianwei: Yellow Signal

Chapter Headings:


Space for Ambiguity | 含糊之境 – Jérôme SANS

Encountering Yellow Signal | 遭遇黃燈 – LU Jie, 盧傑

About ‘Yellow Signal’ | 關於「黃燈」 – WANG Jianwei, 汪建偉

Chronology and Entropy | 無序紀事 – Jérôme SANS, WANG Jianwei, 汪建偉

The Endless Gleam of ‘Yellow Signal’ | 黃燈:最漫長的一次閃爍 – Wen ZHU, 朱文

Wang Jianwei: Yellow Signal

Concept | 概念

Making Do with Fakes | 用贗品等待

‘We Know What We Are Doing…’ | 「我們知道我們在做什麼……」

Internal Conflict | 內戰

Go to The Conference Room on The 13th Floor for Free Films | 去十三樓的會議室看免費電影

Closing/ Opening | 返場

Engineering the In-Between | 游走黃燈 – Paula TSAI, 蔡秉橋