Wang Jianwei: Time Temple

With contributions by Thomas J. BerghuisGao ShimingWang Jianwei
Published in 2014

128 pages with 45 illustrations
7.5 × 11 inches

The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Chinese Art Initiative at the Guggenheim Museum, launched in early 2013, strives to advance the achievements of contemporary Chinese artists by commissioning major pieces that will be exhibited in the museum and enter its permanent collection. Selected for the first commission, Beijing-based artist Wang Jianwei (b. 1958) is recognized throughout Asia and Europe for his bold experiments in new media, video, performance, conceptual, and installation art. His highly innovative works consider space and time in elaborate ways, working from the notion that the production of artwork can be a continuous rehearsal. The exhibition comprises a multifaceted space that includes an installation of paintings and sculptures, a film, and a theatrical production. The accompanying catalogue includes three texts in English and Chinese: a curatorial essay on Wang’s artistic practice; an essay by Gao Shiming; and a text by the artist.