• Opening hours

    10 : 00 – 18 : 00
    Tuesday – Saturday

  • Location:

    No. 1, -1F Sunken Garden, Lane 9, Qufu Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai

  • Artist:

MadeIn Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of artist Fu Site’s first solo exhibition in mainland China on May 6, 2023, presenting the artist’s latest paintings. Fu explores the tension between image and painting, advocating “the painting process’ potential to seek for free space under the suppression of image”, thus achieving a certain balance between the two. Herefrom, Fu constructs images through intuitive imagination to create “organic in-between forms” on the canvas. In “FU SITE”, the artist further extends his past practice method to the painted objects and realizes a consistent transformation of abstract forms among diversified living organisms.

In this solo exhibition, Fu continues his observation of association and coexistence between objects, attempting to incorporate the relationships between visual experience and the desire, uncertainty and other concepts projected in his paintings, so as the artist’s thinking unfolds. Curator Fiona He summarizes Fu’s work as “the process of folding narrative, material and abstract expressions on the shaped images”, guiding the audience to focus on how the painted figures crinkle and gather, disperse and float, and the artist‘s pursuit in creating a sense of illusionary reality to capture dynamic moments. After his former training and reflection in the Realist style, Fu frees his paintings from narratives. The sublime in these works touched by baroque and other styles not only embodies the passage of time, but also lies in the infinite juxtaposition of curves, vortexes, and alternative fluid elements. Based on this, the artist seeks to initiate a more inclusive method of expression, to surpass the established body of visual logic, thus to construct a transcendental existence in the picture.

Painting steadily holds our view due to its free and inclusive media properties throughout the development of art history. Whether with the emergence of photography or new media, artists’ creations are constantly challenged by the times they live in. In the post-digital era, we recognize those artists who embrace the convenience of access to information, such as Fu Site, who extracts knowledge from multiple disciplines to gain more perspectives to perceive the world, in the quest for a unique intersection to develop his practice during retrospection of the past and exploration of the upcoming. Thus, in this ex-hibition, the floating fragments of portraits and popular symbols illustrate the allegory within, reminding us of our increasingly dissolved self-awareness consumed by digital simulacra. What Fu interrogates in the expansion of pictorial language is the essence of our current state of existence.