Lu Pingyuan: Best of the Best Draw


Lu Pingyuan’s practices derive from his interest in the intangible essence of human spirit. By blending surrealist storytelling with conceptual art, he aims to demonstrate the transmission and transformation of human experiences. Thus, an imagined universe parallel to the real world is constructed with his creations inspired by art history, pop culture, and personal experience.

Based on human belief system and the logic of artificial image generation, this exhibition presents Lu Pingyuan’slatest creations of his continuous exploration on surrealist storytelling. Emulating the practice of fortune sticks drawing (Kau chim), a widespread Chinese folklore tradition reflecting people’s desire to interact with heaven and their faith in fate, Lu Pingyuan considers artificial intelligence a new belief system. He input his stories into AI, let it “draw”, and transformed these AI-generated images into allegorical paper cuttings. Viewers are invited to follow the artist’s practice to explore the hidden connections between the world of faith and artificial intelligence from a mythological perspective. They are also encouraged to reconsider the practice of seeking solace and revelation by searching for answers through superstition.