Art Basel Hong Kong 2022


MadeIn Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Yang Shen in both our booth and Online Viewing Room at the upcoming Art Basel Hong Kong, featuring his “Explorer and the Jungle” series of paintings. They expand the narrativity and the mysterious yet grotesque atmosphere of Yang Shen’s previous paintings. Taking the rainforest as a backdrop, the series unfolds around the fictional story of a western explorer traveling in an Asian jungle, thereby exploring the relationship between human, animal, and nature. The identity of the explorer in the works remains vague: throughout history, the explorer might have been a scientist, colonist, artist, or even spy. However, in the fantastical world Yang Shen creates with his painterly brushstrokes, the encounter between the explorer and the jungle is, in a macroscopic sense, one between human civilization and nature. Join Yang Shen in his humorous yet pungent observation and depiction of how the explorer preys on and is preyed on by the jungle.