MadeIn Gallery is pleased to present “XU ZHEN®”, a survey of the artist’s multi-media practice during the past decade. In this richly metaphorical and densely referenced solo project, works from seven of XU ZHEN®’s signature series constitute a microcosm of the predicaments as well as excitements of contemporary life as set in the ongoing universal journey from globalization to post-globalization.

Borrowing the concept of “Xu Zhen Store”, some of the seven series are represented with the original work, while others with limited-edition, smaller-scale works. Echoing the branding of “XU ZHEN®” as simultaneously the name of a label, an artist, and an exhibition, this gesture is yet another of Xu Zhen’s probes into the suspicious boundary between art and commerce, uniqueness and duplication, price and value, with reverberations far beyond the limits of this exhibition.