Su Yu-Xin
Blushed hill (Ch’ing-shui Cliff)
Dimensions : 200 x 110 x 5.5 cm
Materials : Madder Root lake pigment, green sand stone, clam fossil powder, ochre, lazurite pigment, soil, titanium dioxide, oil and other hand-made pigments stretched over board
Year : 2022

In her large-scale painting on board, Su reflects on a locality of significance – Hualien, a city in Taiwan on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean where Su was born and raised. It sits on one end of the Su’ao-Hualien Roadway, where Ch’ing-shui Cliff is located. The Roadway was initially constructed in the late 19th century under the rule of Qing dynasty and later restored and widened during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. As the only route into Hualien from the north, it has borne witness to the modernization of the island’s East Coast, along with its regime changes and Sinicization.