Su Yu-Xin (b.1991, Taiwan) considers painting a place where multiple disciplines and various perceptual capacities intersect, and places particular emphasis on the medium of painting as reflecting the discovery and re-invention of the material world. In her view, paintings bear witness to the history of the exchange between cultures and nature and project the painter’s role through wars and migrations; they manifest territorial invasions and restitutions, as well as the exploitation of pigments and their trades.

Su graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London in 2016 with an MFA in Painting; she also holds an MFA in Painting and BFA in Chinese Painting from the Taipei National University of The Arts (TNUA). She collects, studies, and processes the color substances scattered on the earth’s crust and then invents a new order on the painting surface through drawing, compression, and accumulation. Her landscape painting is a geological practice of rearranging plants, minerals, organic and synthetic matters.


Her recent solo exhibitions include: “Dust that Rides the Wind”, Longlati Foundation, Shanghai, 2023; “Parallel Impressionism”, Liste Art Fair Basel, online, 2020; “Almost No Memory”, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, 2020; “A Hue to Spell”, KuanDu Museum of Fine Art, Taipei, 2019. Selected group exhibitions include: “Magic Square: Art and Literature in Mirror Image”, 2022 Beijing Biennial, Friendship Art Community, Beijing, China, 2022-23, “The Rearview Landscape, or a Trip of Ownership”, UCCA Dune, Beidaihe, Hebei province, China, 2021-22; “In the Labrylinth”, Edouard Malingue gallery, Shanghai, 2021; “Let Painting Talk”, Taikang Space, Beijing, 2020-21; “The Eighth Huayu Youth Award Exhibition: A Long Hello”, UCCA, Beijing, 2020; ”Blue”, Lawrie Shabibi Gallery, Dubai, 2020; “The Picture Is Not at Ease”, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, 2020; “hic sunt leones”, 798 Art Centre, Beijing, 2019; “Taiwan Biennial – Wild Rhizome”, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, 2018; “Building Code Violation III, Special Economic Zone”, Long March Space, Beijing, 2018; “Trembling Surfaces”, Long March Space, Beijing, 2016; “Future Island”, Saatchi Gallery, London, 2016; “Refuse: Refuge: Re-fuse”, The Koppel Project, London, 2016; “Small press project”, University College London, London, 2016.