Born in Wuhan, Hubei in 1996, graduated from Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts in 2018, now lives and works in Shanghai. Fang Yang’s creation focuses on the collusion between primitive myths and consumerist myths, especially the interpretation and iteration of masculinity. Through CG images, photography, installations, etc., the artist imitates the codes of masculinity in movies, advertisements or games, and questions the legitimacy of these codes. Patriarchal discourse revolts. This kind of resistance is not only a rejection of the existing masculinity, but also a re-interpretation and proliferation of the artist’s own masculinity. He is also a member of the artist collective Slime Engine.

Fang Yang’s recent exhibitions include: “Demonstration: The Art of Decision-making Techniques”, Fosun Art Foundation, Shanghai, 2023; “Spring Rhapsody”, KWM Art Center, Beijing, 2022; “Boomerang: OCAT Biennale”, OCAT Shenzhen, Shenzhen, 2021; “USB”, MadeIn Gallery + Gallery Func + Qiao Space, Shanghai, 2021; “Ocean 2.0”, Slime Engine, Online, 2021; “Hereditary Territory”, Powerlong Museum, Shanghai, 2021; “Hol!day” (Slime Engine), “We=Ling: Ten Easy Pieces” (Slime Engine), Chronus Art Center, Shanghai, 2020; “The Force Temple”, TANC, Shanghai, 2019; “Ocean”, Slime Engine, Online, 2019, etc.