USB Multi-Port Linking Exhibition


“USB” is initiated by 4 post-90s artists, connecting 17 artists and 17 curators in groups of two to hold exhibitions in 6 spaces with different functions across Shanghai. As one of the 6 spaces, MadeIn Gallery will open the first exhibition of the project on August 27th.

USB, short for Universal Serial Bus, is a hardware interface that supports peripherals. It is also a universal standard for that establishes specifications for connection, communication, and power supply. However, here in this exhibition, the term of USB is ingeniously transformed into a possible synonym for art—becoming the threshold to establish multi-dimensionality and new connections.

The fundamental concept of this exhibition is developed from an uninterrupted state of instability, which defines the uncertainty of the linking statuses among artists, curators and exhibition spaces. Artists no longer function as the starting point nor the terminal, but rather becoming an interface connecting both ends, where the exhibition space and the curator briefly meet, exchange information, and get taken away at a certain moment. In this upcoming month, the exhibition will take place in various spaces, including gallery, non-profit art space, fashion boutique, nightclub and art fair in Shanghai. If the exhibited works of every artist and the analysis of every curator are fragments, then when the audience has visited these distinctive spaces in their entirety, they may get a complete jigsaw puzzle for an overview of the new post-90s artists. This is not a wave or movement, nor is it grand or metaphorical, but a sassy presentation of the interface itself.