Shan Liang was born in Jiangsu, China in 1997, graduated from the China Academy of Art with a bachelor’s degree in Games design, and now lives and works in Shanghai. Her works involve sculpture, installation and video. Taking the stitching of acg reality and the reality she lives in as a starting point, she creates a new form of life with sweet and creamy brushstrokes and exudes a lovely yet mysterious hormone at all times. In addition, she joined the artist group Slime Engine in 2019 and has co-run and curated several online exhibitions and projects with other members.

Selected exhibitions include: “Demonstration: The Art of Decision-Making Techniques”, Fosun Foundation, Shanghai, 2023; “Disconnected Generation”, Slime Engine, Song Art Museum, Beijing, 2022; BVLGARl “The Serpenti’s Dream”, Beijing,  Shenyang, Shenzhen, Xiamen tour, 2022; ZiWU “Beyond Raw”,(online), 2022; OCAT Biennale“BOOMERANG”, OCAT Shenzhen, Shenzhen, 2021; “Ocean 2.0″, Slime Engine (online), 2019; “USB Multi-Port Linking Exhibition”, Qiao Space & Madeln Gallery,  Shanghai, 2021; “Lust For Life”, Edward Ressle Gallery, Shanghai, 2021; “Hereditary Territory”Powerlong Museum, 2021; “Territory”, Slime Engine (online), 2020; “Headlines”&“Headlines 2″, Slime Engine (online), 2020; “Ocean”, Slime Engine (online), 2020.