Tian Yi (b.1992, Shanghai, China) obtained her bachelor’s degree from the London College of Communication in 2018 and her MA degree from the Royal College of Art in 2020. She currently lives and works in Shanghai. Tian’s works are closely centered on the thinking of ecology and its derivatives. In her practice, she uses organic media and biological ingredients to recreate phenomena in a way of embedding. Combined with increasingly sensitive information extraction, Tian tries to present an improvisation via capturing a symbiotic system in an intergrading zone.

Her recent solo exhibition: “Braiding Corridors”, 2023, LINSEED, Shanghai. Her recent group exhibitions include: “Ode to the Unexpected”, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, 2024; “Demonstration: The Art of Decision-Making Techniques”, 2023, Fosun Foundation, Shanghai; “Unknown Pleasures”, 2023, Soul Art Center, Beijing: “Perfect Partner in the Near Future”, 2022, Yuelai Art Museum, Chongqing; “Born in 1992”, 2022, Jiushi Art Museum, Shanghai; “USB Multi-Port Linking Exhibition”, 2021, MadeIn Gallery, Qiao Space, Gallery Func, Shanghai; “Hereditary Territory”, 2021, Powerlong Museum, Shanghai; “RICAM Forum Workshops”, 2020, Centre Pompidou IRCAM, Paris; “Degree Show”, 2018, London College of Communication, London; “Arts Work of the Future”, Blavatnik Building, 2018, Tate Modern, London; “Science Museum Lates”, 2018, Science Museum, London.