Wang Jianwei: Yellow Signal


  • Location:
    UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
  • Artist:

Pioneering video and multimedia artist Wang Jianwei is known for his conceptually complex, multi-faceted explorations of the contemporary Chinese reality. Using elements of theatre, philosophical inquiry, artistic methodology and “scripted accident,” he seeks to illuminate the in-between, that poorly-defined grey zone where most of us live—and where most of the really interesting things happen.

In Yellow Signal , Wang Jianwei’s first UCCA solo show, the familiar yellow traffic light is both signal and signifier, demarcating the territory between red and green, permission and prohibition. An exhibition designed specifically for UCCA’s Big Hall, Yellow Signal is an evolving process, an ongoing exhibition that will unfold in four consecutive parts.

Chapter One: Making do with Fakes features eight videos projected upon four large gateways, or portals. Exhibition-goers can choose from which side they enter the portals, which in turn affects the way they experience the projected images. Chapter Two: “We know what we are doing…” is an installation of several thousand basketballs and a maze of linked basketball hoops snaking throughout the exhibition hall. Chapter Three: Internal Conflict presents a series of dynamic mixed-media installations, while Chapter Four: Go to the Conference Room on the 13th Floor for Free Films features a rubber staircase and an attempt to create a “physically impossible space.”

Yellow Signal is an open invitation for audiences to stay tuned, to return again and again to experience each stage as it happens, and to become an integral part of an evolving process.

– Jérôme Sans, UCCA Director.