We Borrow Dreams from Others, Like Debt


Against a backdrop of alternating seasons, a pressing present, and a boundless space, “We Borrow Dreams From Others, Like Debt” raises dual questions to the homogenization resulting from an increasingly intensive algorithmic thinking and to the past global art scene dominated by the West. It initiates a rediscovery of the art display system.

Works by thirteen artists will occupy the indoor and outdoor spaces of MadeIn Art Museum, exhibiting the urgency of renewing identity politics, aesthetic system, and other avant-garde legacies. The impermanence of the exhibition and the geological deep time symbolized by the desolation outside the gallery halls, far from conflicting with each other, work in unison to invest the works and images on display with a fluidity and intensity of existence that would be unat- tainable in a white box space: here they come to life.

In their single “Paradise”, the K-pop group BTS generates a chemistry by connecting dreams and debt. This serves as a metaphor for the predicament that the entire art system finds itself in today – namely, that it is enduring a loss of the Other. In an age defined by digital technology with an increasing reliance on screens and publicity, convergence of aesthetic interests, and overwhelmingly universal agendas, how can we avoid falling into the debt trap of Eurocentrist legacy? How can we then ponder over the true efficacy of art theory, art display system, and art institutions?

Built on the site of a former chicken farm, MadeIn Art Museum is home to vibrant exhibitions, events, and artist-in-resi- dence programs that connect with the local community and landscape. MAM welcomes every practitioner of contem- porary art and person with curiosity, and strives to establish itself as a cutting-edge base of contemporary culture.