Feng Zhixuan (b.1993, Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, China) lives and works in Shanghai and Beijing. A member of the Royal Society of Sculpture, he graduated from the Public Art Department of China Academy of Art in 2015 and the Sculpture Department of the Royal Academy of Arts in 2018. Feng Zhixuan is constantly inspired by multiple life and artistic experiences. His work causes cultural resonance through non-fictional material levels, using rare materials in daily life for producing historical action. The cultural elements in his works are revealed from highly personalized material forms, transformed into historical and improvisational narratives which create nomadic island civilizations that transcend a single period and location. His sculptural installations always encompass a tension that dynamically fuses elements of mythology, decoration, adventure and space imagination. Materials serve as the binder of culture and the result of confrontation in Feng’s work, each of which is full of traces of “resistance” to the contemporary urban environment and dehumanizing production. In virtue of a nomadic process of creation and exhibition, Feng seeks to establish autonomous structures of vertical experience, cultivating an ecosystem of Anthropocene imagination while scavenging from the ruins of thermal industry.

Feng’s recent exhibitions include: Solo exhibitions: “The One”, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, 2023; “Parallel Soul: The Ultimate Guide to the Natural History”, Gene Gallery, Shanghai, 2022; “Conjure a Compo Site”, Gene Gallery, Shanghai, 2019; “Northern Scenery”, Plate Space, Beijing, 2019. Group Exhibitions: “Crossing the river by feeling the collectors”, C PARK, Shanghai,2023; “Demonstration: The Art of Decision-making Techniques”, Fosun Foundation, Shanghai, 2023; “Unknown Pleasures”, Soulart, Beijing, 2023; “We Borrow Dreams from Others, Like Debt”, MadeIn Art Museum, Shanghai, 2022; “Spring Rhapsody”, KWM Art Center, Beijing, 2022; “Spicy Gluten and Youth Power: A Generational Insight”, Epoch Art Museum, Wenzhou, 2022; “Emotion and Universe”, HMAC, Chengdu, 2022; “USB”, MadeIn Gallery, Gallery Func, Qiao Space, in the Park, Shanghai, 2021; “Hereditary Territory”, Powerlong Museum, Shanghai, 2021; “A truck is parked in the grass near a tree in doubt”, Erlangen Confucius Institute Art Space, Nuremberg, Germany, 2020; “Pull Up the Stake”, Qi Mu Space, Beijing, 2019; “Global Living Room”, dePot, Shanghai, 2019; “Violence in Silence”, Spectrum Art Space, Shanghai, 2018; “Too Much Information”,Seventeen Gallery,London,Britain,2018;“The\Rehab\Lab”,Hackney Gallery,London,Britain,2018;“THE COMING COMMUNITY”,The Crypt Gallery,London,Britain,2017;etc.