Mo Shaolong (b.1989, Henan, China) currently lives and works in Shanghai. Through his use and reflection of 3D modeling software, Mo seeks to redefine the long-standing genre of portraiture. Mo sees himself as belonging to the generation informed by globalisation, the Internet, and digital technology. In this sense, his work hints at the fact that every present-day individual is a cyborg, whose ethos exhibits a human-computer hybridity. Hence, for Mo, contemporary portraiture must capture and express the immense pain and confusion of human beings who must be equipped with digital technology. Such human-computer hybridity is merely the latest symptom of the complex and lengthy relationship between humans and technology, or in Mo’s words, ‘the error’, and should be the starting point for our reflection on the myth of human creativity.

Recent solo exhibition include: “Hacker, Sufferer, Beggar, Believer”, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, 2023; “Spiritual Politicians”, Jack Bell Gallery, London, UK, 2022; Group exhibitions include: “USB Multi-Port Linking Exhibition”, MadeIn Gallery, QIAO SPACE, in the PARK, Shanghai, 2021; “Hereditary Territory”, Shanghai Powerlong Museum, Shanghai, 2021; “Headlines”, Slime Engine, Shanghai Plaza, Shanghai, 2020; “Ocean”, Slime Engine, Shanghai, 2019; “It was a dream of a trip”, SAFA Gallery, Shanghai, 2018; “Shanghai Hot the Beheaded Six”, Yell Space, Shanghai, 2018; “Remote Sensing”, Slime Engine, Shanghai, 2018; “Serendipitous Mission”, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, 2017.